Elke's Market Cafe
105 N Greenville Ave Suite 11 Allen, Texas 75002
(214) 495-0200


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Elke's Market Cafe offers a pleasing atmosphere with amazing culinary cuisines unlike any other. With a friendly staff and cozy location, you can stop in for a delightful lunch that will leave you coming back for a visit! Our cafe offers a variety of freshly made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, colorful salads and mouth watering entrees!

burgers and steak topped with lobster

See our savory options


Elke's Market Cafe is here to start your day off right? Just need a coffee and a quick breakfast burrito to go? Or a hot, hearty breakfast sandwich to get you through a long work day with no lunch? Stop by and check out our quick, hearty, healthy options. Elke's is a great way to start your day!


Nothing hits the spot quite like a gourmet sandwich or wrap. Made fresh-to-order, with the highest quality ingredients. Try our fresh, flavorful and healthy Chicken Cilantro Wrap or enjoy our very popular Delux BLT with Avocado. And there's always Elke's Nutty Creation to excite your senses with it's decadent flavors of bacon, candied jalapanos and Pimento cheese.

Let us help you find your sandwich fix today!


Love our Chicken Schnitzel? Or one of our other amazing entrees like our Herb Roasted Chicken or Salmon? Have some for lunch in our Cafe. Or take some to go for dinner. Elke's is great for every meal. Sit-down or to-go, we have you covered!


Create your own Sandwich

*Prices subject to change
Whole: $9.00
Half: $7.50

All sandwiches are served with choice of 1 side (listed in combo plates), pickles & carrots.
*additional sides $4

Between the slices:
Chicken salad(regular or low fat), Tuna salad, Ham salad, Egg salad, Pimento cheese(regular or jalapeno), Roast turkey, Ham, Roast beef, Corned beef or Hot pastrami.

Cheeses: $.50 for half $1.00 for whole
Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone and herb cream cheese

Rye, Old fashioned white, Farmhouse wheat, Ciabatta roll, Hoagie roll

Extras: $.75 half $1.50 whole
Avocado, Bacon

Deli mustard, mayo, slap sauce, secret sauce

Specialty Sandwiches – served whole only

Very Veggie – $10
Farm house wheat bread with herb cream cheese, Swiss, cheddar, provolone, red onion, cucumber, lettuce and tomato.
Includes 1 side choice.

Caribbean Wrap – $10
Tortilla crusted tilapia wrapped in a large flour tortilla with garden greens, shredded cheddar and tropical salsa.
Includes 1 side choice.

Cilantro Chicken Wrap – $10
Our Cilantro Lime Chicken salad, garden greens and shredded cheddar.
Includes 1 side choice.

Mega Meat Sandwich – $12
Turkey, ham, pastrami, Swiss, pimento cheese, lettuce and tomato all on your choice of toasted bread.
Includes 1 side choice.

Elke’s Nutty Creation – $10.00
Toasted farmhouse wheat, pecan cheddar spread, bacon, candied jalapenos, peach preserves and lettuce.
Includes 1 side choice.

The Other Nutty – $11.00
Toasted farmhouse wheat bread, smoked turkey, smoky almond spread, bacon, candied jalapenos and strawberry preserves.
Includes 1 side choice.

Deluxe BLT & A – $10.50
Choice of toasted bread, 8 slices of thick smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado. Great with slap sauce or spicy secret sauce.
Includes 1 side choice.

Entrée Salads – served with crackers or bread heels

Dressing Choices
Balsamic vinaigrette, buttermilk ranch, cilantro ranch, Caesar
*all our dressings are made in house

Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad – $11.00
Cilantro lime chicken piled on garden greens then topped with shredded cheddar cheese complimented by our famous Balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

Caribbean Salad – $11.00
Warm tortilla crusted tilapia atop a bed of garden greens sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese and tropical salsa.
Served with our famous Balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

Chef Salad – $10.50
You know what this is but here’s how we do it! Garden greens, turkey, ham, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes then topped with a scoop our delicious egg salad. Choice of dressing.

Chicken Caesar Salad – $10.50
You know what this is too! We make it our own by piling herb roasted chicken atop garden greens then add cucumber, tomato, carrots and croutons then serve it with our homestyle Caesar dressing on the side.

Chicken Fajita Salad – $11.00
Chipotle seasoned pan-seared chicken strips piled high atop garden greens then add cucumber, tomato, carrots, cheddar cheese and tortilla chips. Served with our cilantro ranch on the side.

Combo Plates

*additional entrée $6 additional side $4

Duo – $10
1 entrée 1 side
Trio – $13
1 entrée 2 sides

Cilantro Lime Chicken
Chicken Caesar Pasta
Bowl of Soup
Tortilla Crusted Tilapia
Twice Baked Potato
Roasted Salmon ($1 extra)
Herb Chicken Breast
Scoop of Chicken Salad
Scoop of Tuna Salad
Apricot Chicken Salad
Chicken Schnitzel
Picnic Potato Salad
Bacon Ranch Potato Salad
German Potato Salad (served warm)
Honey Nut Broccoli
Orzo Spinach Salad
Greek Pasta Salad
Pasta Prima Vera
Fruit Salad
Garden Greens
Potato Chips


7:00am to 11:00am

Rise and Shine Breakfast Sandwich - Scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese, on a toasted ciabatta roll. $4.99 Add your choice of ham, bacon or sausage for $1.00

Happy Healthy Breakfast Sandwich - Scrambled eggs, roasted zucchini and yellow squash, cheddar cheese, tomato and herb cream cheese served on healthy multi grain bread $5.99

Ultimate Breakfast Croissant - House baked croissant with scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado, tomato and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage $6.99

Bacon Spinach Quiche - Slice of our classic quiche with bacon, spinach and swiss cheese $4.50

Avocado Toast - Toasted molasses wheat bread with mashed avocado, crisp bacon and tomato. $5.99

Breakfast Burritos - Your choice of Egg & Potato with cheese, eggs potato cheese with sausage or eggs potatoes and bacon $3.99

Whole Grain Oatmeal - With cinnamon, honey, and fresh berries $5.49

Yogurt Berry Parfait - Vanilla yogurt, fresh berries and house made cranberry almond granola $4.49

Belgian Waffle & Fresh Berries - With whipped cream and maple syrup $8.49

Add extra bacon, ham or sausage $1.00

Add a side for $2.00

Add avocado for $2.00


Breakfast Potatoes - Roasted Yukon gold potatoes with sautéed onions and bell peppers $3.29

Fruit Cup - Assorted diced fruit $3.29

Bacon or Sausage – $2.29

Toast - Served with strawberry or peach preserves (Wheat molasses, White, Multi- Grain, or Rye) $1.25 Add herbed cream cheese $1.00